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Welcome to PCCP, where we believe that understanding the Universe fosters exchange, discussion, and greater comprehension and view of the human experience and the world. We are celebrating exciting times at PCCP. We have the privilege of being a center doing the most advanced research in the most interesting and exciting advances in cosmology in the middle of vibrant Paris city and its research activities. Cosmology is the science of the Universe. How the universe came into being, developed and evolved. At PCCP we have opportunities to do advanced research, to interact with world-class faculty and students, and to enjoy the cultural opportunities and diversity only found in Paris.

We have strong international partners and collaborators, an outstanding research program, and having been hiring excellent young researchers and post doctoral fellows. Our activities include cutting edge science research and personnel working also with our Teachers’ Program and other education and outreach program. It is this direct contact with the latest new and fundamental results that inspires and interests teachers, students, and the public most strongly.

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