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Ivan Debono

Ivan Debono obtained his PhD at the University of Paris (Paris 7 - Diderot) in 2009, with a thesis on cosmological parameter forecasts for weak lensing surveys. His work was carried out as part of the DUNE/Euclid team at the French Atomic Energy Commission.

In September 2012, he was awarded a European Space Agency International Research Fellowship, and joined Marcello Fulchignoni's team at the Observatory of Paris, where he worked on asteroid impact mitigation studies for the NEOShield mission. From January 2013 he worked at the AstroParticle and Cosmology laboratory at Paris Diderot University, studying model selection for dark energy using weak lensing surveys.

Together with George Smoot, he is currently carrying out research on possible constraints on inflationary models through large-scale structure observations. He has also taught a course in general physics at the University of Malta, and technological and scientific innovation at the Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking.

In September 2014, he organized the first edition of George Smoot's 'Teaching the Universe' workshop at the University of Malta. His research activities include dark energy and inflation phenomenology, statistical techniques and Bayesian model selection. He is also interested in technological forecasting and science policy.

Selected articles:

21-cm Intensity Mapping with FAST. George Smoot, Ivan Debono, submitted to MNRAS, 2014.

Dark energy model selection with current and future data. Ivan Debono, MNRAS, 2014.

Bayesian model selection for dark energy using weak lensing forecasts. Ivan Debono, MNRAS, 2013.

Weak lensing forecasts for dark energy, neutrinos and initial conditions. Ivan Debono, Anais Rassat, Alexandre Refregier, Adam Amara, Thomas D. Kitching, MNRAS, 2009.

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