PCCP Fellows

Giulia Gubitosi

Former PCCP Postdocs


01/08/2011 to 01/01/2014

Studied at the University of Rome, where I also completed my PhD studies in 2010 under the supervision of Alessandro Melchiorri, working also in close collaboration with Giovanni Amelino-Camelia's group. My research interests are centered upon the opportunities given by cosmological observations to test fundamental physics, especially (but not necessarily) in the context of quantum gravity research. Besides cosmology, I have a strong background in theoretical physics.

My Master thesis ("Noether analysis for field theories in canonical noncommutative spacetimes") and some of the works I made during my PhD were about a quite formal approach to quantum gravity, known as noncommutative geometry, but I always kept an eye on the observational opportunities to test the predictions of this kind of theories. For  my PhD thesis ("Cosmic Microwave background radiation as a test for fundamental Physics") I concentrated on cosmological tests of quantum-gravity-inspired phenomenological models, in particular relying on CMB analyses. For example, some models of spacetime quantization predict a minute effect of birefringence for the propagation of photons. For CMB photons this  effect is greatly amplified by the very long propagation time of CMB photons, so that it could have observably large implications for analyses of CMB polarization.

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