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New perspectives on constant-roll inflation

Date of publication: 

2017-09-11 17:00:00


Francesco Cicciarella (Pisa U.) , Joel Mabillard (U. Edinburgh, Higgs Ctr. Theor. Phys.) , Mauro Pieroni (Madrid, IFT & Madrid, Autonoma U.)

We study constant-roll inflation using the β-function formalism. We show that the constant rate of the inflaton roll is translated into a first order differential equation for the β-function which can be solved easily. The solutions to this equation correspond to the usual constant-roll models. We then construct, by perturbing these exact solutions, more general classes of models that satisfy the constant-roll equation asymptotically. In the case of an asymptotic power law solution, these corrections naturally provide an end to the inflationary phase. Interestingly, while from a theoretical point of view (in particular in terms of the holographic interpretation) these models are intrinsically different from standard slow-roll inflation, they may have phenomenological predictions in good agreement with present cosmological data.

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